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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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23 February 2019 (New datasheets):

HMS87C1104A OM5302RT UC1825BL883B M38256E9MFP BQ2058RSN-C5 WSF512K32-29H2CA PA7128TI-20 A3054KU-30 BGY925 CAT24WC05P-TE13 P4KE12 MAX432CPA 5429FCT52BTPYB GS840F32AT-8.5I HC2H-DC6V SMCJ110CA GS88237BB-200I 1.5KCD15A D15SB20 5962R9322604QXX SMV20437-01 X9241MPI ST180C04C1 EL1503CM-T13 CD54HC4015F3A 5962F9583402QXA 74HC4051N CY74FCT162374TPVCT 1N4481US L72CB1YDA V62C5181024L-35WE AQV210EA UC3527AJ SA130 MI-RC6XNX-XXXX MPIC2112DW VTL11D3-20 79L09 OP97EZ APT8065AVR ML2261BCP GC118SN9515024R GS88436B-200 CY2308SI–4 1N6156 RM35HG-34S L6375 TLV2461ID EIA1415A-2P NJU7018D NTE7160 P4SMAJ200 TLC0820AIDW UC3909DW AS7C33512PFS16A-166TQC 5962R8864406YX EN29F002NB-90JI 322005 HEF4070BU VI-2NHEX WS128K48-25G4WCA HTL195 APT15D40K SM320C50GFAM66 PEF4065 AM29F400BT-90EEB LL4005 VI-ARM-C2S PT2128A-C43 GAE200AA120 MX205AC MAR17503FE NTE1080 SMBJ12 GL41T M38254M1DXXXGP 5962-88639012A VI-J71MX UC3825Q IDT54FCT16952ATPA BT-M513RD CR1500SB UF1660 MV5753 CD54HCT393F AT29LV020-25JC HYB39S256400T-8B MC14029BFEL MI-PC62L-XXX M38041F6-SP MC100EPT23D CAT28F001TI-15TT SI-3120J MT4LC16M4H9TG-6 BZV90-C3V3 HHS60ZA 2SJ285 MAX291CSA P6KE91 ML4663CQ SFH2030 ACM1602L-NLYS-T IDT54FCT162827CTPFB HD49224A HV5308DJ MC68B09S SB83C51SL-AL

22 February 2019 (New datasheets):

LM211D SB50-18K P6KE24CA V62C3162048LL-45T MAX933CPA RN5RK491A-TL T-51382D064-FW-P-AB AME8501AEFTDF42 2SD1682 1N5746B VI-LCW2-XX 1N5401 CXD2437TQ P4KE75CA SY10EP01VKC XC4013E-4HQ208I AQV252AZ AS8F512K32P-150/883C VI-21VCX CD511225 UDA5 RT-241.81.8 L78L33ACZ IDT74FCT841BTQB BZW04-40B 74FR244PC 2N6317 1N4902 AN87C51A CAT25C321S16I-42TE13 UGF18DCT MM1140XF 1N4761A AME8817AEDZADJ PST9145 BZX84-A13 SAA7157 K4S640832H-TL75 MRF1090MB L7924CD2T MT48LC32M4A2TG-7L AME8501AEETBD40 BS-C335RE 3D7304G-400 TP13057BDW MMDF3N03HDR2 WS512K32-45H1CA RM7000-263S CD74HC390M TC43EOR 5962H9657401QXX CP82C59A-12 ESAC25M-02N KBPC1500GS CD6300A B240 S-80745AL-A9-T2 KM62256CLGE-7 DDU4C-5125A2 HGTP3N60A4 SST89V564RD-25-I-NJ BM-08F58MD HI0-0201HS-6 PST596CN FM306 DS52-0007-RTR AT27C080-10PC 2SB825 1N5365B 70UFR160AYPD TLV1543MFKB BFG31 STP7NE10 DS1350YP-100 AGM1212E-REGBW-T DMF3926-100 MLL5239B ECL06B03-F R1120N201B-TL STP2NC60 SST39LF400A-55-4I-EN IDT74FCT162952CTPV FMMT491 M1T2HT25PZ64 AME8501CEFTDD24 ACM1602R-NLBS-T 1.5KE440A TXD2000MLLFLLNH MB3505-BC01 HLD15ZEB LS6U2M-2UR/FG-T APM2070PDC-TRL IDT71V35781SA166BGI SB390 LGT671-M SM6503AD HIN208ECA IDT54FCT533ATSOB EL7300Q-160 14KESD5.0A TDA8415 IS80C52-24PQI MA2SD10 DTA114YSA 2SC3981A MAS31751FD BLT13 UNR2112

21 February 2019 (New datasheets):

MOGB64T UNR1114 TPIC6A595DW R3111H531C-T1 FU-632SEA-6M13A A42L0616S-45 1N4620-1 IDT54FCT373ATSOB BCF30 SD153R16S10PSV QTLP650C-24 MAH3691FD FB3506L CS8101YDWF20 74ABT541CSJX IDT74FCT16240TPA IDT74FCT16841CTPV HIP9021 KBL06 PS201 DM-4100D-1 MAX4075ANEUA 1N962BUR-1 LUCL8560GP-D MC74AC153D UDQ2984LW GAL20V8B-15LPI UCC35701D 1N4749C MC74HC574ADT RE5VT47AA-RR 2SK1151(S) ST92163R4T1V EA40QC06 SAA5497H AGM1532A-MLFTH-T UT9Q512-20UWX P6KE130A MAX6321HPUK32CW-T XC6204B192MR ML6425-2 BULD85KC MIC911BM5 M27C4001-55XN1TR PIC16C62XA-04/P BS-A281RD-B MT5C1008C-45L/883C PCA1463U A43L0616AV-6 MRF1507T1 TCM29C16DW 27BSC M38063MB-XXXFP G17WDNil-DC6 MAX6320PUK33CW-T M38C30M2AXXXFP MUN2214T3 M5M51016BTRRT-70LL MMSZ5254BS PT2128A-L53S OR2T15A-4PS240I SMAJ160A AM29LV040BT-120EI XC17V08VQ44C M38220M5DXXXFP THS5641AIPWR CM1301-7R MC68HC11KA0MFN4 M64821FP TX2SS-4.5V M38509EC-XXXSP PM28-75300 MAN4910A AT29BV040A-35TI M38032F6-XXXSP PIC16F83T-20I/SS MIB31TA-2 SP774BJ UC385TD-3 M38062EADXXXFP TSC0694 SN74LS27NSR UVD-482GC NTE2349 LH28F008SCB-L120 M5M5V408BRT-70LW MMSZ5241B APR3003-29DC-TR TPS76601PWR CY7C1020B-12ZC SD203R14S15MC ACM1602Z-RGBH-T JM38510/65453BRA N74F711AD 1N4924 MDE-7D201M LYM770-JM A23L16162V-100 LF2247QC25 TC28C46EOE NTE1714M TDA8766G/C1/S2 FLM5 DB104S HVC376B KRC826E MACH210-14JI

20 February 2019 (New datasheets):

CY74FCT191CTQCT GC89BNBA15R BA-9Y4AD 5962R9475405QYA SMH4803AJN SF303 GP101BG-AC120-B IDT54FCT841CTQ TSM0512D 15KP90A 5962H9653301QCC RED5 BTB24-800CW CAT93C4621SI-42TE13 PRC201101/151M M38503E7-XXXSS CAT93C6614SA-42TE13 TC74A2-5.0VCT X25328S14I-2,7 GS88019AT-133I MCC19-08IO8 1N4762A M38063M8-XXXFP TQ2SA-L-5V-X WS512K32N-45G1UC AT-41586-BLK CLC411AJE R1113Z411B-TL H16-3 G83ASS-DC5-Nil AT89C52-24AC MAX680MJA ESDA6V1W5 M27C4001-10C1TR 1.5KCD30A MAX551AEUB FDS4072N7 SA577D H-81-4TNC uPD65654 MAX6347XR45-T QTLP601C-3 M38259E2MHP 2SC681AYL SMCG160A 5962-88685042A UT22VP10C-20PPC MAX6337US21D2-T 74VCX162245MTDX MAX6332UR20D3-T M5M465165DJ-6S 1N4738A PCM50US09 APL1086-33GC-TR SAA5667HL APL5505-A23OC-TR DLO31F-14B2 MR27V401DRA UNR4214 DDU7F-150A2 TLC4502ACD MAX186CCCP PDM31532SA15TATR G648D25B000 P6SMBJ10C TK73211MILH AS2431A1D7 MAX6320PUK42CZ-T MH16S64APFC-7 CB1F-M-24V P4C164-35FM AGM2464C-RL-GBD-T BS-C534RD SN74ALVCH16820DGGR LNJ115W89RA 2N3499 RN5VS32AA-TL TFMAJ51A DAC7801LU M38038F9-XXXSP AMS2910-3.3 IRFI9620G BFR182 DCR1594SW23 MAX6321HPUK44BX-T BM-50458NA A-1801Y 2SK3299-Z ILC1832N MBM29LV200BC-70PFTR DLO31F-8M AD8042ACHIPS MV5D164 G41801A-DC24-M SMCG8.5A M38223M1DXXXFP IS485 27C256I15FA M48T37V MSM5117400B-50TS-L LS7213-S CA56-12HWA FAR-C4SB-06144-L12-U SA75 I74F3037D AMS2501CS-2.85 A1750A43FFFC10 RN5VS23CC

19 February 2019 (New datasheets):

SBT80 AM27C2048-55PC5 ISP1103DH 1SMA5922BT3 M38205E5DXXXFP P4FMAJ10 HCPL-2231#500 STP2NA50 STP60NE06L-16FP M38060EEDXXXFS MIC2954-03BT MXP1042PC-BL 5KP7.0CA TSOP2138UH1 TEP2422 L57EYW CD4035BF 80RIA120M N80C186EB25 ST180C16C1 CAT25C161PA-30TE13 STV9432 BR61 NTE4989 LV9005M GMS81C5032 KK160F160 ZPSD312V-B-25M SMTBJ200B SAI-1011 uPD77115GK-9EU UT54ACS08 OPB801L55 MC14017BCP PDM31532SA20SOATY SNJ54BCT2244J DS1305EN RGF10MA MC14515BDWR2 BS-AJ04RD HD74LV27A ADS-926MC M38197E7-XXXFS 2W08G CPT50135 Z89301 HFBR-5103T AGM2464D-NC-YBH-T BPW43 ICX058CK M38024E7-XXXFP G902BO-AC12-NilNil UF3K TC54VN5701ECB 100310QC CD54HC193F3A 5962-9652501QXC JANTXV2N6802 SN74CBT6800DBR MAX391MJE R65C51J1 CAT28C257HT13A-12T HI-8585CDM V62C3161024L-70T MM74HCT00SJ 5962H9656901QRC DU28120T BU4506AF AD8023AR AM29LV004BT-90RFIB LMV105M7X XC3064L-8PC84C CLC402MDC HI45H11 DL4001 MJD127 SMDB15 74ACT161SC ACM1604B-NEBS-T LM2594M-ADJ A3422LKA-TL ASI3005 BB814 4W-25 S5JC DCP022415DP MI-27JIV MAX1271AEAI MM1114XS LMC6494AEMX G41602AA-DC24-Nil L-819EGW IRF9230 MAX6320PUK30DZ-T SL4005GTR 74HCT4520N MC74F350N 1SMC5378 BAV303 RCV1551-FP 5962-9652601QXX LC863348A SMBJ110CA M38253M7-XXXGP ZRC400N802 0662.063HXLL EPM7128EQC100-10P

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